Pay Off Student Loans

How It Works

Do You Have a Current Student Loan?
Anyone with a current student loan is eligible to become a Lily’s List Member! Membership is activated after the member’s student loan status is verified. Members are required to send a copy of a current student loan statement and/or payment coupon which includes the account holder’s full name, account number, loan institution address, current loan balance. (Note: This information is held securely and is not available to the public.)    More Details

Are you a parent of a student loan holder?
If your student is too busy to sign up or doesn’t have a copy of the loan statement, this is where you can help.  Find your student’s recent loan statement and fill out the student registration page.  It only takes about 5 minutes.  More Details

Register with Lily's List

Would you like to give?
Anyone can search Lily’s List and is encouraged to complete a free, but optional, registration form to make a donation. Perhaps you’re a family member or friend and plan on sending a graduation, birthday or seasonal gift to a student currently in school or recently graduated. If your relative or friend has a student loan they need to repay, a direct deposit reducing their loan is the smartest gift you can give!

If you are an Alumni you can use our search buttons to pinpoint someone you’d like to support. Your donation can be anonymous or public.

There are many ways to give; for instance, if you’re having a party, instead of gifts how about asking guests to donate to a student of your choice?   More Details

Give a Gift with Lily's List

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